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Crafting Success: The Pillars of a Compliant Corporate Immigration Program

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View our webinar replay to learn how Endeavor built a diverse and knowledgeable corporate immigration team, all while maintaining secure and compliant case processing.

Successful corporate immigration programs are not accidental. They are carefully and meticulously designed, with a vision for streamlined processes and long-term sustainability. 

That’s why we welcomed distinguished guests, Nick Hobson, Endeavor’s Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, and Global Head of Immigration, and Jamie Cheung, Endeavor's Senior Counsel, Immigration, to our webinar. Nick unveiled his strategies for assembling a diverse and knowledgeable legal team at Endeavor, meticulously aligned with the organization’s operational scope and global footprint.

Endeavor, a pioneering force in entertainment, sports, and fashion, presents a distinctive challenge faced by many corporate immigration teams — the need for rapid facilitation of international mobility and relocation, all while upholding the integrity of sensitive, personally identifiable information and adhering to compliance mandates.

While cultivating an adept in-house team is crucial, their potential is truly unleashed when empowered by cutting-edge technology for seamless and secure case processing. Nick and Jamie delved into how INSZoom has been a catalyst in achieving precisely that.

Our webinar took a deep look into the arsenal of INSZoom's capabilities, including:

  • Dynamic case step tracking for cases to any country
  • Effective expiration date tracking
  • Robust reporting functionalities
  • Tailored portal access for corporate colleagues and vendors
  • VIP case prioritization for processing in-house, and more.

Unlock the synergy of strategy and technology with us, and learn how to orchestrate a harmonious future for your corporate immigration endeavors.