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Next Gen Drug Screening: State of the Market and Where It’s Going

Explore the future of drug screening.

$81 billion...

That's how much the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) estimates drug abuse costs employers every year.

Avoid paying the price and dive into the cutting-edge of drug screening with our speakers Mitratech’s Sarah Carr and Premier BioTech’s Casey Michalik and Jenna Stainbrook in this informative on-demand webinar exploring recent shifts in drug screening, the move toward oral tox screening, and how organizations can be successful while embracing change. 

Key Insights You'll Gain:

  • State of the Market: Understand the recent shifts shaping the future of drug screening as we look into the latest market dynamics

  • Shifting to Oral Tox: Uncover the “why” behind the industry's significant shift to oral tox screening. Learn how this shift is revolutionizing the way we approach drug screening.

  • Success Stories Showcase: Hear real-world success stories from those who have embraced the next generation of drug screening. Gain valuable insights into the impact on efficiency, accuracy, and overall outcomes.

Stay ahead of the curve and position your organization for success in the evolving world of drug screening. Watch on-demand today!

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