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Build a strong foundation with a comprehensive background screening solution.

Smarter And Faster Hiring

Confidence in your team starts with a thorough understanding of who you're bringing on board.

That's where we come in.

We empower businesses of all sizes to make fast and informed hiring decisions by providing a seamless screening process that delivers the insights you need to:

  • Engage Candidates Instantly: Speed matters. Our global network delivers lightning-fast background checks, keeping applicants happy.

  • Get Unmatched Support: Rest assured. Our FCRA-certified experts, based in the US, are ready to answer your questions.

  • Simplify Drug Screening: Go mobile! Our user-friendly process and national lab network streamline the screening experience.

  • Integrate Your Systems: Simplify your workflow. Integrate our background checks seamlessly with your existing systems (ATS, HRIS, ERP).

  • Reach 100% Compliance: Accuracy matters most. Our dedicated team verifies results, ensuring peace of mind for every hire.

Build trust and peace of mind. Screen with us today.

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Trusted By Thousands of Businesses and Partners Across the U.S. 

Faster, Smarter, and Candidate-Friendly  Background Checks

Finding the right fit quickly is crucial. With our PBSA-accredited and SOC2-certified background checks, you can hire with confidence, knowing you're adhering to the strictest industry standards. 

Our intelligent automation streamlines the entire process, saving you valuable time and resources. Plus, we understand the importance of a candidate-centric experience. With around 92% of applicants preferring mobile consent and screening, Mitratech delivers a user-friendly mobile screening process, giving your company a significant edge in attracting top talent. 

Experience and results matter — especially with background screening. Here's what we can do.


of background checks completed in <30 hours.


seconds or less to start a check!


faster applicant consent via mobile engagement.


million background checks run in the past 12 months.


third-party resources ensure your data security.


decades of screening experience.


Don't settle for slow and cumbersome background checks. Let Mitratech help you hire faster and smarter.

Faster Hiring, Fewer Headaches: How We Streamline Your Process

  • Reduce busywork: Automated forms minimize manual data entry, saving you time.

  • Stay on top of things: Track the status of all your checks using comprehensive dashboards and real-time ETAs.

  • Integrate seamlessly: Connect Mitratech to your existing HR systems for smooth workflows and limited duplicative work.

  • Peace of mind, all the time: Monitor employee records with ongoing screening (criminal, MVR, licenses). 
Don't gamble with your company's future or your workplace safety. Invest in better background screening.

Why Mitratech?

See what are current customers are saying.

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From the moment we engaged with the Mitratech AssureHire team, it was clear that they would be a remarkable partner. The client couldn't stop praising their exceptional service, impressive turnaround speed, and unwavering accuracy. Not only did AssureHire provide a comprehensive solution, but they also fostered a true partnership mentality.

Matt Posey
Sr. Enterprise HCM Account Executive
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The customer support aspect of Mitratech is phenomenal. Our rep provides quick support, and responses, and helps with any customizations or tweaks to our process. It's been a phenomenal partnership, and we're huge fans of how user-friendly and customizable Mitratech is.

Justin Rank
Talent Acquisition Specialist
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In our experience, Mitratech always finds a way to make it work for you. It was night and day compared to what we were dealing with.”
They [Mitratech] have continually shown to put the customer's needs first.
Director of Associate Benefits
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We are a unique large company that has many different background and drug requirements for our hundreds of accounts. Our rep has gone above and beyond to help us achieve our many customizations that have been needed over the last 6 months.

Karen D
HR Administrative Assistant
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We have had exceptional customer service from day one starting with the demo. After implementation, they've been more than helpful setting up new packages, new users, and answering any quotations that we have.
The customer service is top tier.
Toni M
Risk Management Administrator

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